The alliance aims to develop innovative solutions to increase synergies between the oil and gas and biofuels industries

DATAGRO is an integrated agricultural consultancy, headquartered in São Paulo and in operation for over 36 years, which adds value to its customers and partners through 14 different Business Units, and 152 employees operating in 8 offices, seven in Brazil and one abroad. DATAGRO’s focus is on supporting management and increasing efficiency and competitiveness in activities related to the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors, promoting and strengthening the integration of different links in the production chain and commercialization of agricultural products, biofuels, vegetable and animal proteins and forestry. Biofuels are understood as a link between different production chains, adding value to raw materials and promoting economic and social development and preserving the environment.

Energy Platform (EnP) is a Brazilian company, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, created with the DNA to conceive, develop and operate energy ecosystems that contribute to an energy transition, as balanced as possible. To this end, based on Brazil’s vast energy portfolio, EnP will identify opportunities and synergies, through strategic alliances and innovative business models.

“EnP has the differential of working with new technologies and investments to make the Brazilian energy matrix increasingly balanced in carbon, which is In the essence of our strategic alliance that we signed today with DATAGRO”, says Marcio Felix, an engineer with renowned performance in the Brazilian energy sector.

“DATAGRO believes in the complementarity between biofuels and traditional fuels, by offering sustainable solutions in energy and development. The union of EnP’s experience and expertise, under the leadership of Dr. Márcio Félix, with DATAGRO will offer integrated energy solutions to various sectors of the economy ”, said Plinio Nastari, president of DATAGRO.

Strategic Alliance

DATAGRO and EnP, through their presidents Plínio Nastari and Marcio Felix, respectively, signed today, March 11, 2020 in Ribeirão Preto, during the Opening Event of the Sugarcane, Sugar and Ethanol Crop 2020/21, a strategic alliance between the two organizations, aiming at:

  • Development of innovative solutions to further integrate the oil and gas and biofuels industry, with emphasis on ethanol, biodiesel, biogas and sustainable aviation fuels;
  • Financial structuring for the EnP project portfolio, including the creation of an investment fund in energy ecosystems.

Additional Information:

Rafaela Conte, Communication / DATAGRO, Phone: +55 11 4133.3944