The EnP Energy Platform announces with great joy and honor the strategic alliance established with the EnergyC Platform.

In order to give a voice to young people who want to become leaders and transform the energy sector, the EnergyC Platform has developed a mentoring program with great experts who have experience and want to share what they have learned, passing on practical and technical knowledge.

The program’s objective is to bring young people closer to this sector, providing networking, knowledge and practical experience, completely free of charge.

15 young people will be selected by May 1, with the potential to become leaders in the energy sector in Brazil. The mentoring will be carried out weekly and will last for 5 weeks, between the days 18/05/2020 and 19/06/2020.

Our president, Marcio Felix, is one of the great mentors of the public and private sector who will participate in this initiative for the development of young leaders in the energy sector.

Free registration at