New business model aims to integrate different energy sources and their uses in several Brazilian states

Connect, articulate and innovate. This is the purpose of the Energy Platform (EnP), a Brazilian holding company, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, which was born with the DNA to contribute effectively to the energy transition. EnP will act in the design, development and operation of integrated projects, forming regional energy ecosystems.

“Brazil has an unprecedented amount of energy and this fact must be seen as a strong competitive advantage in this era of energy transformation. Our main focus will be to integrate the various existing energy sources, seeking investments to develop new areas and natural resources that are still less explored”, says Marcio Felix, an engineer with recognized performance in the Brazilian energy market.

Using Brazil’s vast energy portfolio, the idea is to identify opportunities and establish synergies, through strategic alliances and innovative business models, to develop projects in regional hubs, taking advantage of the energy resources that each place has to offer.

This model will be managed by the expertise of Marcio Felix, combined with a team of renowned executives with multidisciplinary technical competence, international experience and knowledge of the dynamics of the energy market.

In addition to being the first platform known in the world to frame, develop and operate energy ecosystems, the company will have the differential of working with new technologies and investments to make the Brazilian matrix increasingly balanced in carbon.

EnP promises to be disruptive because, beyond the aspects of environmental and technological innovation, it is a platform that, when looking at the states of Brazil and identifying the potential of natural resources in each location, will build an attractive portfolio of regional investments.

Contact information:

Bianca Gomes

+55 21 98000-1760