Creation of a company in Espírito Santo aims to integrate different energy projects in a balanced ecosystem

Connect, articulate and innovate. This is the purpose of the Energy Platform (EnP), a Brazilian holding company, which is born with the DNA to contribute effectively to the energy transition. EnP will act in the conception, development and operation of integrated projects, forming regional energy ecosystems.

Due to its privileged characteristics, the state of Espírito Santo has been chosen for the development of EnP’s first energy ecosystem in Brazil, through EnP ES, which has the fundamental support of Espírito Santo investors.

This model will be managed by the expertise of Marcio Felix, an engineer with recognized performance in the Brazilian energy sector, including Espírito Santo, combined with a team of renowned executives with multidisciplinary technical competence, international experience and knowledge of the energy market dynamics.

“Knowing of the great potential of the State, the idea is to develop, in an integrated way, among others, oil and gas exploration and production projects, natural gas infrastructure, refining, electric power generation and a chemical salt gas pole” says Marcio Felix, an enthusiast of the Espírito Santo economy.

EnP ES, by bringing a new business model, with a disruptive vision of environmental and technological innovation, will be able to build an attractive portfolio of energy investments that will contribute to further increase the prosperity of Espírito Santo.