It is an integrated energy company operating throughout Brazil, with an initial focus on the state of Espírito Santo, in exploration, production, refining and oil and gas infrastructure projects.


To be a leading company in the Brazilian energy sector, identifying opportunities and establishing synergies, through competence, innovative business models and strategic alliances.


EnP’s main differential is having a highly qualified team and having a diversified network of relationships in the energy sector in Brazil and abroad.


Design, develop and operate integrated energy projects, aiming a regional balance.


Respect • Diversity • Innovation •  Prosperity

Recent News

Hub Gasines

Hub Gasines

An innovative business solution to put more offshore production on the New Gas Market In the last 8 months, since March 2020, when the EnP Energy Platform was launched, our company has been dedicated to designing and articulating a competitive solution, contributing...

Espírito Santo Refinery Project in Porto Central

Espírito Santo Refinery Project in Porto Central

During the event Plano Espírito Santo - Convivência Consciente, held today (November, 26), with the presence of the Governor of Renato Casagrande, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the companies EnP, Oil Group and Porto Central, for the development of...