It is an integrated energy company operating throughout Brazil, with an initial focus on the state of Espírito Santo, in exploration, production, refining and oil and gas infrastructure projects.


To be a leading company in the Brazilian energy sector, identifying opportunities and establishing synergies, through competence, innovative business models and strategic alliances.


EnP’s main differential is having a highly qualified team and having a diversified network of relationships in the energy sector in Brazil and abroad.


Design, develop and operate integrated energy projects, aiming a regional balance.


Respect • Diversity • Innovation •  Prosperity

Recent News

Hub Gasines

Hub Gasines

An innovative business solution to put more offshore production on the New Gas Market In the last 8 months, since March 2020, when the EnP Energy Platform was launched, our company has been dedicated to designing and articulating a competitive solution, contributing...

Espírito Santo Refinery Project in Porto Central

Espírito Santo Refinery Project in Porto Central

During the event Plano Espírito Santo - Convivência Consciente, held today (November, 26), with the presence of the Governor of Renato Casagrande, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the companies EnP, Oil Group and Porto Central, for the development of...

EnP refineries in the state of Espírito Santo

EnP refineries in the state of Espírito Santo

At the moment when the debate on the implantation of small refineries gains space in Brazil, EnP highlights the development, in partnership with the Oil Group, of studies for the implantation of two modular refineries in Espírito Santo. Refinaria de Lubrificantes e...