Refinaria do Espírito Santo (RefinES) is a refinery being studied, in partnership with the Oil Group, to be implemented in the south of the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo. This project will use 29° API oil to produce gasoline, diesel oil, LPG and MGO and will be implemented in two phases: the first with 30 thousand barrels per day of refining capacity and 20 thousand in the following phase. A port infrastructure under development and proximity to the Pre-salt are determining factors for installing this enterprise in the south of the state.


Refinaria de Lubrificantes e Derivados do Espírito Santo (RelubES) is a lubricants and derivatives refinery that is under study, in partnership with the Oil Group, to be implemented in the north of the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo. This modular project will have a refining capacity of 20 thousand barrels per day in the first phase and 30 thousand in the second phase. This plant will add value to Espírito Santo oil by using onshore production, with low sulfur, to generate naphthenic base oils, gasoline, MGO, bunker and asphalt. The proximity to the Espírito Santo onshore production fields, including existing infrastructure of port terminals, and the local market are determining factors to take this enterprise to the north of the state.

EnP refineries in the state of Espírito Santo